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Wij zeggen Medelander

Chrome Extensions which changes the word refugee at all internet pages,  google search and even twitter messages. It's still working! Check it out!

Refugees are not refugees anymore when they are in our countrie.
They don't have to flee anymore. Why are we still calling them a refugee?

When we talked to some former refugees I got scared by my own thought, 'she doesn't seem to look like my image of a refugee.' Somehow I got framed by the media and press. 

These people realy want to start over again in our country but if we keep calling them refugees they'll never feel like normal people. And we will never see them as normal people. 

That's why we decided to reframe the media and press back. We found a word in our dictionary ( it already exists! ) which explains the whole thing!  

Medelander. ( literally translated: Co-lander )
Meaning: Iemand die afkomstig is uit het buitenland en samen met de autochtone bevolking woont. ( Someone who's origin is from abroad but lives with the autochtonous population. ) 

So you're not a Nederlander yet because you've not a Dutch passport, but you're also not a refugee anymore. The middle word is Medelander.

How are we reframing the media back?
I made an extension you could download in your browser. Jus like adblocker. The difference is it doesn't block but is changes. All the words you'll type or see in your timeline like: Vluchteling, Gelukszoeker, Illegalen, Asielzoeker etc. ( All the bad refugee names ) Will be changed in to medelander. It realy works. The internet became a lot sweeter and even tweets from Geert Wilders sounds nice! 

You can download it on
We showed also some before and afters and it got picked up by a lot of blogs and media. This is a project that realy helps 'Medelanders" In Holland to get their life on the going again.